Eyelash Tint - To give you definition and to accentuate your eyes, ideal for that busy woman or sports/swimmer, as there is no need to use mascara. (20mins) £10.00
Eyebrow Tint - Tinting the brows in various colours, gives your eyebrows definition. (15mins) £8.00
Party Lashes - All tinting and lash extension treatments require a patch test 48 hours prior to treatment. (Prices vary in accordance with number of lashes required.) from £12.00*
Eyebrow Extensions - cost depends on time and quantity of brow hairs needed to achieve a extended brow. A glue patch test will be needed 48hrs prior to treatment from £12.00 by consultation

The removal of unwanted hair, using a warm wax and paper strips. Areas that can be treated:
Eyebrow (15mins) £8.00
Lip (10mins) £8.00
Chin (10mins) £8.00
Eyebrow, lip, and chin wax £22.00
Underarm (15mins) £9.00
Forearm (20mins) £12.00
Bikini (20mins) £10.00
Extended Bikini (30mins) £14.00
Half Leg (30mins) £15.00
3/4 leg (40mins) £18.00
Full Leg (50mins) £20.00
Toe Wax £5.00
Men's chest wax from £20.00
Back wax from £18.00

Relaxing facials using Eve Taylor professional aromatherapy skin care range. These products are pure and natural and have been used for over 40 years, respected by professional skin care therapists and estheticians.
Signature Facial - A relaxing facial to suit all skin care types with the added extra of hot towels, mask and short massage. (45mins) £25.00
Signature Facial with a Twist - A prescriptive facial for your skin type, including steam, mask and facial massage, but with the added benefit of a lower arm and hand massage included. (50mins) £30.00
Signature Heaven - A facial with a scalp massage, all of the twist but with the added luxury of a scalp massage. (1hour) £35.00
The Luxury Signature Facial - A facial with a real signature feel, a back neck and shoulder massage will be carried out prior to your facial, with a lower leg and foot massage for you while your mask is setting, you'll feel totally relaxed with mind and sole complete. (75mins) £40.00
Hopi Ear Candles - A soothing, balancing and calming treatment for the mind, head and ears. (25mins) £18.00
- With Facial Massage (45mins) £28.00
Men's Signature Facial with mask £30.00
Men's Luxury Facial - With back exfoliation, back neck and shoulder massage. £45.00

Special Occasion - A treatment for when you are going somewhere or just want to treat yourself. Cleanse tone, moisturise and make up will be done to suit your colouring dress and occasion. (1hour)
Trail Session for your Wedding - Cleanse tone and moisturise and full consultation with trail make up, this ensures that colours and styles will match your dress and wedding theme.
Wedding Day - Cleanse, tone and moisturise with full make-up on your special day. £25.00
Make up master class lessons - ask for further details

Body Contour Wrap - Using a unique blend of essential oils and the traditional method of bandage compression, the treatment removes toxins from fatty tissue and creates a loss of inches around the body contours. The results could mean you drop a dress size. (1hour 30mins) £35.00
- Course of six treatments. £190.00
- For full benefit add exfoliation too. (2hours 15mins) £45.00
- Course of six treatments. £240.00
Body Polish Treatment - An all over body scrub from the neck down, removing all those dead skin cells leaving your skin soft smooth and glowing, finishing with a hydrating moisturiser. (30mins) £20.00
Dry Skin Brushing - Increases blood flow therefore the benefits are extensive, helping with cellulite reduction, more youthful toned skin and to detox the pores of weight, both dead skin cells as well as other debris. (20mins) £10.00
- or with moisture soak to hydrate and re-balance skin. (30mins) £18.00
Back Neck and Shoulder Massage - A treatment to massage deep into the tissue to relieve stress and tension. (25mins) £25.00
Swedish Massage - A relaxing full body massage to revitalise and improve skin condition and promote a sense of well being. (1hour) £40.00
Full Body Massage - With scalp and face massage included. (1hour 15mins) £45.00
Deep Tissue Massage (30mins) £30.00
(1hour) £45.00
Indian Head Massage - Includes back, neck, scalp and face (45mins) £30.00
Back Cleanse - A back exfoliation with hot towels removing scrub, followed by moisture soak and to finish with a back neck and shoulder massage (35mins) £30.00
Hand and Arm Massage (15mins) £10.00
Lower Leg and Foot Massage (25mins) £15.00

Fake Bake - Tan the fake bake way, 100% organic and eco friendly giving you a lovely summer glow. Skin is exfoliated using a passion fruit body polish, and then tanning agent is applied, finishing with smoothie oil for those dry areas. (Lasts 5 - 8 days) (1hour 15mins) £30.00
Fake Bake Treatment Top Up - carried out 2-3 days later, re-apply fake bake tanning agent only, excluding exfoliation. (30mins) £20.00
Spray Tanning £20.00

Please note with all manicure and pedicures French polish is extra, please ask when booking if you require French.
Mini Manicure - Nails filed, cuticles tidied, hands are moisturized, to finish polish. (30mins) £15.00
Manicure - Hands are cleansed, cuticle massage and tidy, nails filed followed by arm and hand massage to finish with polish. (45mins) £20.00
Luxury Manicure - Hands are cleansed, cuticles massage and tidy, nails filed with exfoliation then incorporating a hand mask wrapped and put in mittens, to soften and hydrate the hands giving them a luxurious feel followed by arm and hand massage and to finish with polish. (1hour 10mins) £25.00
Mini Pedicure - Nails filed, cuticles tidied, feet are moisturized, to finish with polish. (30mins) £17.00
Pedicure - Feet are cleansed, nail massage and tidy, nails filed and exfoliated followed by a lower leg and foot massage to finish with polish. (50mins) £22.00
Luxury Pedicure - Feet are cleansed, cuticle massage and tidy, nails filed with exfoliation removing hard tired skin, then using a mask your feet will be wrapped and placed in heated booties with massage vibration finishing with a lower leg and foot massage and polish. (1hour 20mins) £30.00
NSI Nail Wraps - foil wraps are applied to the nails, a choice of different designs from £20.00
Sea Salt Scrub - (extra with manicure and pedicure) £2.50
Paraffin Tea Tree Wax Treatment - (extra with manicure and pedicure) from £6.00
French Polish (15mins) (extra) £3.00
Reshape and Polish (20mins) £8.00
Reshape and French Polish (25mins) £10.00
Nail Gems (each) 50p / Simple Nail Art from £2.00
Gelish Manicure - A chip resistant polish that lasts up to 14 days, cuticle work is carried out and then polish is applied. (1hour) £21.00
- With Soak Off £25.00
Gelish French Manicure £25.00
- With Soak Off £29.00
Gelish Luxury Manicure - A chip resistant polish, cuticle work carried out with exfoliation, polish applied, to finish with a mask and lower arm and hand massage. (1hour 20mins) £30.00
Gelish Pedicure - A chip resistant polish that lasts up to 14 days, cuticle work is carried out then polish applied £21.00
- with soak off £25.00
Gelish Luxury Pedicure - A chip resistant polish with the luxury of a full pedicure with exfoliation, hard skin removal, mask with heated booties and massage vibration, finishing with lower leg and foot massage. £36.00
Gelish Soak Off - - no manicure £10.00
- with manicure £20.00
Nail Repair and Growth - An intensive strengthening treatment which works from the inside out. £5 each treatment use on it's own or under Gelish.